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Business Strategies, Microsoft Word, Excel, & Project Management Training

Trans Skills Corporation
From Novice to Mainstream

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Business Strategies
Project Management

From novice to mainstream means we train people with zero skill to people with skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, Business Strategy, & Project Management.

Business strategies Training was created for prospective and current business owners to expand their understanding about the power of strategies. No business big or small can survive in the long run without a business strategy. A business strategy is different from a business plan. You can use your business plan to frame a strategy or you can use your strategy to create a business plan. Either way it is a good strategy for the business owner to design his/her business strategy to sharpen understanding and focus. Your career like being a doctor or an engineer does not help you to be strategic. If you own a business you should think of strategy. Strategy is the key to survival. It is the key to competitive advantage. It can turn your problem into an opportunity. Do not forget that most projects present themselves first as problems but in essence they are not. Your strategy must be exposed to continuous improvement. 

Project management includes:
Learning what project management is all about
Knowing the 10 knowledge areas and their explanations
Knowing the 5 process groups and their explanations


Trans Skills Corporation is open for consultation for other corporations in the area of business strategies. Companies that may be passing through a difficult period or searching for a new direction may consult us for business strategies. For more information call (917)607-9741